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Stop Galamsey

The land was rich before our birth
Our fathers protected it with their breathe
The forests were thick, the rivers were clear
The soil was fertile, never left bare
The land is rich, a womb for many
A shelter for minerals, a storehouse of wealth
It didn't become so in our day
So, why destroy it with galamsey
Our hearts have turned cold, because of gold
Our forests imprisoned,our blood is frozen
Our streams are drying,our trees are dying
Our rivers are picking up with colour
The game, running helter skelter
The land is left in mud and powder
All it feels, the sharp teeth of excavators
We destroy nature and don't think about our future

Money is all we seek after, forgetting about mother Ghana

Should the water bodies die, would we drink the pesewa coins?

Should the land produce no more tress, would we eat the cedi notes?

We have no doubt, our land is blessed
Should we leave it messed, posterity would judge
If there is something we can do today
Let's put a stop to illegal mining; galamsey
©Ernest OBENG
#GArmStrong Publications

by Ernest Obeng

 Posted by: Ernest Obeng


Siaw | 7/8/2017 4:05:33 PM

Comment..such interesting
but can I get in twi

selarcy | 1/29/2018 4:24:19 PM



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