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Reason For The Season

I wrote this poem for a friend a year or two ago and as I scrolled through a few of my writeups today (something I hardly do), I decided to share this particular one with our lovely readers. I believe we should all remind ourselves for the reason of the season as we go all festive. Our generation's interpretation of easter is fast deviating from the norm, especially here in Ghana. I fear when a child is asked what easter is in a few years to come, the answer will be saddening, because all we publicise in the media are carnivals and paragliding at Kwahu.

Amazing grace,
How sweet that sounds.
It is so common a phrase,
In every corner found.
But to buckle up your lace
And lay down your crown,
To show us your face
Even when we frown
To run the race,
And make the devil look like a clown,
Is no common achievement.
As the son is tortured and the Father watches in bereavement

To suffer for the very people who watch you in amusement.

As if a game, be taunted and watched in suffering with excitement.

In pain, carry our sins on Calvary's tree
Nailed to a cross wearing a crown of thorns, His holy blood was on spree.

And when He looked to the heavens and with a sweet voice decrees,

It is finished, salvation to all humanity was free.

All we need do is ask.
No heavenly phone call, no fax.
Just confess and state the obvious fact,
It is no cumbersome task.
But no, we are still lost
Sin has poisoned our souls.
We have made Christ the slave and pleasure our boss.

Despite the warmth he provides we still prefer the cold.

Take a minute and reflect; pause.
Because in all these death is the cost.
Of course there are other equally painful prices,
For in the kingdom of sin there are a lot of unpleasant surprises.

It might feel good today but that's the devil's tactics.

Beloved, life without Christ is full of crisis.
So rise up all yea saints!
Reminisce on the Saviour's pains
He did not suffer in vain.
There is no time, let's not be faint.
As we walk in grace
Let's seek His face
Let's run the race
Let's dictate the pace,
Because we have a path to trace
A trail to blaze.
And a God to praise
Happy Easter folks!

by Phil Bliss Sackitey

 Posted by: Phil Bliss Sackitey

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