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The Love Of My Life

A Love Poem Written by Sir Article, Founder and CEO of Sircle Communications, for His Girlfriend.

Babe, you are the love of my life.
I need not mention your name
For people to know who you are.
I would only describe how quintessential your soul is.

My life is incredibly valuable,
And you are my only treasure.
I always thought you merely loved me,
No your attitude exceeds that.
As you need oxygen for human survival,
So do you need me for emotional survival.
I tested you, and you passed.
When you were virtually heartbroken by my awkward actions,

You told me no girl could take your rightful place.

Adding that I have no other girl apart from you.
I treated you as an option;
You still made me your priority.
Oh would I not be so foolish
If I ended up quitting our relationship?
You actually feel we are purely inseparable.
Of course, you are right.
My darling, you are not perfect,
But I see some perfection in your spirit.
You are really, really, really wonderful in everything you do.

I love the taste of your lips far more than any delicacy.

Your kisses are as sweet as honey.
Your smile is as beautiful as the rainbow.
Your personality is as glorious as the sun.
Many girls saw me as an idiot
For dropping out of university to start a business.

You saw me as a rare genius
Whom you could spend your life with.
You think highly of me more than I do myself.
You believe in me like Christ's disciples believed in Him.

I am rarer; my girlfriend is also rare.
We both epitomise rarity as partners.
You are the greatest lady entrepreneur that I know.

Your passion for business is simply out of this world.

Sweetheart, you are the archangel of my life.
I would like to make you my wife one day.
Let us keep on planning our future together.
Always remember that
Never a rose without thorns.
Our challenges are only transient;
Our prospects are just endless.
I love you, my dearest one.


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