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My Default Is To Go Left

A Poem Written by Sir Article, Founder and CEO of Sircle Communications.

Everyone in society tries to be and go right,
But my default is to go left.
It is a subconscious quality I posses,
I will forever travel the left way.
I am not left-handed,
I am not a leftist.
I am right-handed, but I always go left.
I am a quasi-capitalist, but I always go left.
The right path has been abused;
The left path is largely untapped.
Going right is mediocrity;
Going left is excellence.
I am a maverick and not a conformist,
I think and act contrary to societal expectations.
My way of life and the norms are like light and darkness,

I always break the rules and set new ones.
I never follow the public opinion;
I mostly follow my intuition.
I don't seek to be meek;
I look somewhat aggressive.
Getting a university degree is a great achievement;

I dropped out of university.
People expect me to be docile;
I am really obstinate.
Society believes in realism and logic;
I live in the world of imagination.
Most people believe in mentorship;
I don't have a mentor, and I don't need one.

They tell me to be self-effacing;
I am actually self-aggrandising.
They tell me to be sane or normal;
I am simply crazy or abnormal.


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