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"brave Heart” (a Fathers’ Counsel To A Son To ‘hold On’;shared Story Of Common Interests)

Its morning, 'just another morning' for some

But for others, it sure isn’t
A woman lays in bed, tossing &turning; praying for her ailing child

She thinks of the news that would embrace her hurt soul this morn

A man perambulates, back & forth, he speeds off &back

His energy wanes, but his destination is same
He goes nowhere on foot, but in the mind, he’s travelled long way from home; reflecting &calculating how today’s needs would be met for his dear home

A child seems innocent, smiles all over the night before

The dawns dew nonetheless seems to have cast a spell

A curse from a stray amulet sets the young lads body aflame

No longer at ease
This turmoil didn’t escape the lovely lecturer, teacher, mason, farmer, doctor...

The profession is sound; details are fine; but the morning brings memories of the terminal illness

"Would i live through today"? He quizzes himself

His wife and a host of family/friends are aware of the condition,but barely could they imagine the pain of it in precision

The morn is dawn
Birds are singing
Wings start flapping
The sea tides are waving
Lions returning from hunt roaring
The cycle of events translating
The frame of each day may appear the same...
The fine details &dynamics nonetheless are pretty different; isolated and illusive

Take heart then my friend
Cheer up
Give thanks
For someone greater holds the future of today in His palms

He is able to see us through.
Braveness at times isn’t when we feel strong, but when we know a stronger person, and, when we DARE to trust Him

Nii Dartey
I am Shadrack K. Dartey Akrofi-Quarcoo (a.k.a. NativeDr. Nii). I am a trainee ‘Philosopher, Word Therapist, Author, Poet, Song writer, Teacher and Thought Leader.’ I hold First Degree in Economics/Philosophy from University of Ghana (Legon), Postgraduate certificate in Project Management from Graduate Institute of Management (GIM), and Certificates in Finance/ Financial Markets (Ghana Stock Exchange: GSE) and N.G.O Management from Cambridge Centre of Excellence (CCE).

My field of interest in speaking/ creative writing is in Human Capital Development (HCD) and Development Financing (DF). Through my Speaking, Teaching, Writing and Coaching, I have helped several hundred Youths to aspire and achieve greatness. I look forward to doing same in your most unique life/ career.

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by Shadrack .k. Datrey Akrofi-quarcoo

 Posted by: Shadrack .k. Datrey Akrofi-quarcoo

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