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My Confession

I was once a subject;
A subject to a great lord
One whose promises could not be held prospect
Yet did not want his regime to be abhorred.
I was once a spectator;
A spectator at a football match
Stretching out my neck like an alligator
Postulating whether that hunter was aiming at a catch.

But a new dawn I see today
Has transformed my mentality
One that has come to stay
And hoot at mediocrity.
I'm now a citizen
A citizen of my motherland Ghana
I mean an active citizen
Of Kwame Nkrumah's Ghana.
If I enjoy some rights from my motherland
Then I must honour her with responsibilities
If I boast of the minerals in the land
Then I must be a protector of her properties.
I was once a subject of Gold Coast
But now a citizen of Ghana
I was once a spectator at Elwac
But now a stakeholder in the administration.
I am now a co-architect of Ghana's future
Erecting monuments of patriotism
Destroying ancient doors of sabotage
And bridging the gab between classes.
🖐 _#Reputation is not a token of animosity_

*_Maame Akua Annan_*
*Student of English, KNUST_*
*_Member,KNUST Writers Association_*

*_ [email protected] _*

by Maame Akua Annan

 Posted by: Maame Akua Annan

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