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Grow Together

As sunny freaks heat up in caves,
Her black hair blows in elegant waves.
Donned in a stunning strapless ivory gown,
She truly deserves the imperial crown.
Slim cut bodice trims her waist,
Her fragrance the wind can't resist.
With veil flowing down her shoulder,
The spectacle left admirers speechless with wonder.

Soaring up like a falcon above the towers,
She carries a bunch of adored natural flowers.
As layers of fabric float down the aisle,
Her smile compliments the isle.
Although her legs are quacking,
Her full bell shape is breathtaking.
With fairytale expectations kept in cubbies,
Her price is far above rubies.
Though her birthmark was thought to be bruises left by an elf,

She is the best version of herself.
Glimmering like a kiwi fruit,
He looks gorgeous in the impeccably tailored suit.
As the guests watch in silence,
His swiss watch ticks in abidance.
Although his Salvatore Ferragamo shoe is a legacy,
The vintage garden theme is not a fantasy.
Its a supreme hour of ecstasy
To their admirers Cupid was right
As the public park is charged with absolute delight

The fountain and flowers makes it ideal,
For the final seal.
The undulating hedge,
Gives them the urge to merge.
Their love tops the arts,
As a single thread ties their hearts
They recognize each other’s eyes at the final border,

As they face the world together.
Are they perfect for each other?
Their unbreakable bond bears the answer.
Almost shun eclair,
they suck in a big gulp of air.
As they hug each other,
Their hearts beat faster.
No one dares to separate them
A lingering cuddle is their anthem.
As she pushes the hair behind her ears,
He promises to wipe her tears.
Holding her sweet flush cheeks,
Like a cast in freaks and Geeks,
His admiration for her gains extra points.
On her lips he anoints.
His hormone hurricane shoots to the final category,

As they reached the final glory.
Smiles flowing like a lactean,
They overlook the Atlantic ocean.
Bonfires of brushwood lighted to breams,
Shows they've reached the pinnacle of their dreams.

The sound of the trumpet is crucial
It’s now official!
They walk down the aisle
With a warm nuzzle
To the song grow together
With their hearts glued together.
Written by Nana Ama Asantewaa Kwarkoh
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by Nana Ama Asantewaa Kwarkoh

 Posted by: Nana Ama Asantewaa Kwarkoh

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