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Where're Our Leaders?

Where're Our Leaders?
Then I listened to the conductor of all political angles.
Where asking;
where are Our Leaders?
Are they the ones, we claim can build heavens on earth?
brings back corruption from solving into a test?
That seems to build castle in the air?
Or trick God to bow before the beast of the hell?
Where're Our leaders?

Then I walked straight to answer his words
Are they those who preaches virtue but practice vices?
Or cause war to our life
and later promise curfew?
that we endure pain to serve as a relief....?
Where're our leaders?

Where're our Leaders?
I cant find any legacy in their speech
those expressions made by their ability to gain power
are written in our historic stones
which speaks of danger in the future
we're moved according to their poli-tricks
and Our smiles welcomes the lie we listen.
Are we waiting for the good world at last?
Where're our leaders?

by Atachie Richard- Agbalenhrola

 Posted by: Atachie Richard- Agbalenhrola

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