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Charlie, Still, ‘i Love My Ghana’..!

Poetry below partly inspired by songs ‘I love my Ghana’ and ‘I love my Africa’ by Parables Production and team (Tiwa Savage, Davido, Sarkodie, Lola Rae, Diamond Platinumz, Micasa) respectively.

I love my Ghana
From the tempting flavor of morning ‘koose’, beans cake and ‘asaanaa’

The grinding sounds of ‘kulikuli, atscmc and poloo’

The confusing and merciless sounds of barking car horns pacing to queue for TZ, fufu or waakye

The chatter of gossiping birds; laying bare the adventures of yesterday

To the fellowship of unthreatened lizards and the conference of waving trees at the break of day

Too dear to compromise for ANYTHING- truly, Ghana, no size!

I love my Ghana
From the compelling beauty of our ladies
The fun loving accommodative nature of our ‘bro kwabena’s”

The hope commanding smiles of the Ghanaian child
The prideful exuberance of the aged in reminiscing long gone days

The voices of promising beaches, as well as that of melodious but hungry sea waves

The chant of dominating hills and embracing mountains

The fortitude of several thousand professionals striving to make each day a memory

The passionate entreaties of family reunions in a most socially consolidating manner

The human face of our public institutions
To the winding roads leading to unplanned destinations; the festering gutters and even clashes at public toilets- O, my sweet Ghana!

I love my Ghana
From the dwarfy sky scrapers which keep a larger view of the heavens in sight

The fewer industries which keep our carbon emissions pretty low

Our relatively laid back and generally content natural dispositions; which not only delineates the boundaries of our private ambitions, but more so, keeps our consciences most alert

To our largely dysfunctional railway tracks, which serve as a great reminder of our strength of character; a people willing to preserve history, while envisioning progress

I love my Ghana
The side of a continent beaming with life, color and rejuvenating vibrancy despite attrition

A part of the world where bridges rise to the level of walls and walls are brought at par with bridges

The fraction of our globe where forbearance, collective conscience, freedom and justice are ‘de-commoditized’

A region where dance paves way for another chance
The only place on Earth closest to the Heavens, and, furthest from hell and hades

A true ‘center’ of the world - geographically, economically, spiritually, politically, culturally

Indeed, I love my banku, my mango and my ‘kanzo’

I love my Ghana,
A true microcosm of our world
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by Shadrack .k. Dartey Akrofi-quarcoo

 Posted by: Shadrack .k. Dartey Akrofi-quarcoo

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