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Raging Fears

We could be cuddling and dreaming together,
We could be laughing and loving each other right now.
We could be breathing each
other's air,
Listening to our heartbeats in sync.
But our raging fears prevail over our love.

My eyes drown in the ocean of your soul,
My heart burns with desire for your touch.
My soul aches to be called your lady.
I desperately want to be
But my raging fears strangle my affections.

I know you yearn for me.
I feel our lasting bond
Traveling through time,
Through space and continuum,
Raging, like a shooting star,
Embellished with the love of all star crossed lovers.
A ball of fire and gas and soul and love.
But our raging fears defy these components.

My dearest one,
My darling dear.
Let the power of the love of all lovers past,
Strengthen our boldness and courage.
Let's defy all fears like the immortals we are,
And boldly triumph over our raging fears.

®14th November 2016

by Ononye Odinaka Nuella

 Posted by: Jet Alan

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