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I don't understand, I can't explain.
Like a pendulum, ours is a to and fro tale.
Today I love you, tomorrow I don't.
Like a schizophrenic relapse I fall back to you.
Your presence oh dear, is degenerative to my health.
Your company, is nothing but doom.

I know your kind, I've seen and read.
Catchy colour, chocolaty-strawberry scent, the most seductive of all;
Irresistible to my very kind.
Your lips are laden with cupid's arrow,
As you speak, the ammo hits your target, my heart.
As I fall, you leave me crashing down.
I know your type,
You are poison.

Everyday I run, and like the gypsies of the old, seek sanctuary.
Yet as I approach my temple of miracles,
It vanishes with you on my trail.
Your subtle words melt my heart.
Your sugary tongue,
deceptive like the serpent of old's,
Stop me from ever blaming Eve.
Like the fruit in the legendary garden of Eden,
You are a desired poison.
Poised not to kill me,
Cause me pain intense.
Drive me within inches of insanity,
And watch in glee as I fall off.
Poison berry, poison merry.

In the arms of your potency there I lie
Flummoxed by the potency of your hypnosis,
I'm lulled to death by your coaxing words.
Your entirety is potent poison,
One of which I gladly gulp,
Not of my volition do know,
But of the amazing mirage you create.
Come to me my poisonous love,
Let your poison self crawl through my being.
For death by you I'd take any day.
Poison me with you, go on
Poison me, poison me.

A Midnigh Love Poem: 05/11/2016

by Odenye Nuella Odinaka

 Posted by: Jet Alan


Ononye Odinaka Emmanuella | 11/25/2016 2:07:50 AM

My name was wrongly spelt


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