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Why can't I flap?

Why can't I flap,

Find me wings,
Strangle the clouds,
And fetch me grace,

I've heeded the knell,
And veered to the canticles,
Why can't I fly?

I've seen the sun throw hairy rays in the face of the morning,

I've ridden on a waning moon a night,
When slumber cuddled me in her womb,

Why can't I flap,
Like a blissful pheasant In the burnt sky?

I've risen a reborn,
Buried neath the ashes of time,

Am I not,
Or have I a fault?

Ne'er have I thought
Not enough an angel.

I've seen the light's shadow,
And It seemed bright in the dark,

I've counted the stars,
In the court of dusk,
And it's not as many as dust,

So Why can't I flap?

by Samuel S. Bawa (FC)

 Posted by: Jet Alan.

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