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The piece of me

With his tongue
He walked through my mind,
With his gaze
he tamed my steps,
I lived in his shadow
And left my body,
His breath, my life,
He melted my heart
With his fire.

You told me
My chest, your pillars
You told me I am the clouds that enveloped you,
The cotton breeze
That kissed your sweat,
And you whispered
You can't live without my Nile,
Oh yes !
My temple, you made your home
And my passion
Your fantasies.

Alas !
Just half past noon
And you shut the gate,
While the music played
You froze,
The stage was yours
but you were steel,
You felt not,
You heard not.

You sat on the wind
And left,
I sat on the sun
And waited,
Eternity became my story
History was I,
The better piece of me
Was the very piece you took,
As today waited for yesterday ,
I waited for the ocean dry.

by Judith Amoako

 Posted by: Jet Alan


Awuraa | 11/23/2016 12:04:52 PM

Just beautiful! Keep up with the good work!

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