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Right From The Womb

Right From The Womb,
the battle between myself and others began.
The desire to make it and never give up was set in motion.

I realized that others were rushing to take my place.

What was it that they saw that made them want to over take me?

Ohh No! There must be something unique they want that I have.

I cannot stand to see them win.
There in there the quest to win was set in place.
As you can see I am the Victor!
"Unique" was what they referred to me.
They said "There's no "U" without unique.

When I see me, I see a beacon.
Through a mirror, the image of determination, persistency, boldness and faith is what I see.

Like the eagle all I do is soar high and high and not retrogress.

A mind that can do all things is that which I posses.

The spirit of failure, hopelessness and "I cannot" I do not see.

Inherent is a personality full of strength that someday I will make a change.

A heart of gold decorated with compassion and benevolence I have within.

Who else can love me more than I love myself? Only me and my God!

Because the me you see is a perfectionist.

by Blevi Matilda Mensah

 Posted by: Blevi Matilda Mensah


Mohammad | 5/19/2017 4:25:59 PM

good and motivational poem


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