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Peacetalk: It's Crisis, Its War

Flames up, body turning hashes
Blood flowing on the ground
Casualties in their numbers
Lives lost, human cruelty at its peak
Wailing loud, victims expressing agony.
Its crisis, its war

Few people crying, but all are victims
Leaders not minding, it's all about power
Weapons mass producing, money is the target
Body mass buried, its crisis, its war
More wars, more weapons, more money

After years of one conflict, it's more conflicts waiting
After one battle is halted, more battles on the way
After conflict resolution, no conflict is ever resolved
Peace building, conflict management, nothing is ever transformed.
The quest for money and power, needs conflict to strive

Media enjoy it, it brings traffic
Leaders orchestrate it, it brings attention
Government fuel it, to show their power
Masses enjoy it, it is sensational
More crisis, more war, more death, more agony
Sensation all the way

Blood of the innocent beneath our feet
We walk, run and jump
They wail in pains and cry
When shall we get justice?
The temple of justice responds
Justice is not for free
But only the rich can pay

As for the innocent blood that liter the ground
Wash it, clean it, but yet, it remain unclean
That pain may never go away
Hey, did you hear that noise?
Silent soul of the victims crying
Their voice loud like thunder
Tear flowing like river.

How do we console them?
How do we comfort them?
How do we empathize with them?
How do we clean their tears?
How do we make their life worth living again?
Nothing can be done to take their sorrow away
They are ghost, in human body.

If we cannot undo the damages we have done to them
At least, let's stop creating more people like them

Abdulrazaq O Hamzat is a transformational peace professional,
diplomatic human rights advocate, liberal author, diligent researcher
and social media enthusiast. He his founder of the Foundation for
Peace Professionals and can be reach on di[email protected]

by  abdulrazaq O Hamzat

 Posted by:  abdulrazaq O Hamzat

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