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Ballot But Not Bullet

We need ballot,
the paper that penetrates into the box,
which enhances peace.
We need no bullet,
the projectile that penetrates in the bones,
which destroys with ease.

Election must contain no fighting element,
that deprives people of their enjoyment.

We are not ready to wander as refugees,
just like the Liberians,Ivorians and the Sudanese.

Ghana is our home,
we have no where to call our own.

Let's open our arms and embrace peace and unity,
and make no room for instability.

Let's be each other's keeper,
because we have nowhere going when we run helter-skelter.

Ghana is bigger,
bigger than all political parties.
Let's come together,
so we can continue making merry and organizing parties.

Ghana needs peace,
and that can occur with ease.
If only we can remember this,
that the ballot is always stronger than the bullet.

by Kwao Jonathan Tetteh

 Posted by: Poetry Villa

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