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When i lay there
I breathe melancholic air

B'cos i made her go away
On that awful day

Now my heart sees heaviness
As a result of loneliness

I wrestle with pains
Making me shed rains

That drench my pillow
And in billows i wallow

I dread seeing the night
Even when the lights go bright

I've loosed sleep
So hours take backwards leap

My decisions i reflect
My dictions i regret

Wishes;now the day's order
In vague;my thoughts wander

My name misses your lips
My hand,your grips

I guess,you don't wanna see me cry
Then please,mind a second try.

by Kwao Jonathan Tetteh

 Posted by: Poetry Villa


opeyemi | 9/21/2016 7:34:59 PM

reali d poem is remorseful bcos the poet ,for a seconds dont feel ecstasy bcos he feel regretful all d tyme abt loosin his/her luv

qwao | 10/8/2016 1:10:37 AM



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