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Ryf For Peace

Love Campaign
I've heard many talk about peace
Many pieces I have seen but none can be observed in most countries

But our beloved Ghana is an exception
This value is certainly our perfection
Along the streets party flags, flyers and streamers ran and hang around poles and trees

I believe that these politicians have agreed
To bring our people together for a common goal
It is in light of this that I say we should not attack a brother simply because he misunderstood a another

Just ensure the issue is put at bay
For when there's love, there is hope
That this peace we talk about will prevail
It is my hope to grab the rope of peace
When conceit and greed have taken their seats.
Come on tag along with me
We adore their galore of deceit
When those are their personal vanities
We grope in vain
Since we value disdain
So are we to stand here and watch our children starve?

Grab the rope of peace
It is always get them above
Let them have
But they never say let us carve
To bring out
What is in us
To discover
To bring about development
The essentials
They rather stick to enjoyment
Forgetting this is a platform for team work
Why let us suffer
When you've been pushed up the ladder
Who says we can't observe this value?
Does it matter if he is Kofi or Kafui?
If both of you share one religion
Does it?
Why then should violence
Live among us
To see who wins?
In silence I only observe
The elect should deserve
To make the nation secure
We must ensure peace prevails leaving our differences behind the door

And avail ourselves to support whoever is approved
Not neglecting the hopeless
So that we can boldy say, love is indeed the ambassador of peace.


by Asarebea Yeboah Amponsah (aburi Girls Shs)

 Posted by: Asarebea Yeboah Amponsah (aburi Girls Shs)

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