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The Village Boy

The village boy
He is totally clueless of what the future holds
for him
To him, being a roman father is the highest
achievement ever worth striving for in life..
The village boy
In his palm, right from birth, was a sword of
A sword unto which he held tenaciously
without even his knowledge
On his shoulders lies the destiny of a great
Only he, had the very words that constitutes a
worded preset of emancipation, in all of its
form, of a continent
The village boy,
Just like he chased lizards and mice in the
forests of Nkroful,
He chased away foreign governors
He set a pace
Yea! A pace whose paths no longer exists
So many decades one have really
proven to be like him..
At least to the best of my knowledge...
A village boy with a hopeless future, gave a
meaning to the lives of the hopeful
He liberated a nation whose citizens for so
many centuries have wallowed in a mountain
of despair in the presence of a vast ocean of
material wealth
He envissioned and he defined,
He planned and he approached,
He collaborated and he failed,
He went through pains and he never gave up,
He beseeched and he pressed
No, no he was never tired, just like Martin
Luther King, he worked with the faith that
"Unearned suffering is redemptive"
He was not a hypocrite in his quest for
He conducted his struggles on high grounds of
He fought against colour
He opposed racism
To him, wisdom was not on the basis of colour
Yea! To him, as many blacks as possible that so
thirts for wisdom, to them it is readily
The village boy...
History will remenber you
Generations will remember you
For you are a legend and your legacies testifies
to that..
Indeed "When the black man is given the
chance, he will prove to the whole world that
he is somebody"
Yes, The black man is capable of taking care of
his own affairs!
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Ernest Sakah

by Ernest Sakah

 Posted by: Ernest Sakah

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