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Without The Teleprompter

Without the Teleprompter
The race becomes a one-man affair
Reality is said to be garbage they read
The disabled are ridiculed in public
Babies are thrown out of the roof
Citizenship is a trash
Racism is given triumphant significance
The proud are empowered to cause violence
The fallen and their likes are emotionally tortured

The right man lies to fix the wrong man
Without the Teleprompter
Hate trumps love
Opponents become foes
The media are the lowest form of life
Innocence on facts is the product of misstep risks
Facts equate sarcasms
Losses mean fraud
Go-fund-him changes baton to let’s-defund-him

Winning becomes dicey
And losing, the cause of everyone
The Teleprompter has done its part of the job
But the onlooker thinks the man is who he is: You name it!

by Raymond Obeng

 Posted by: Raymond Obeng

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