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Lepered Generals…

With one hand, a sword wielding; and yet the other shriveled

A messenger of satan, sent but to buffet
Golden crowns confidently laced over his head, badges of glorious honor from conquest glided over his breast, and yet woefully disabled within

Shields shinny as gold, arrow well poised from historic blood baths, and yet the tongue loosely hangs within a vocal cavity enchanted by the cords of grievous deceit

‘Confidence shot-up shoulders; well discipled passions which remain constant at battlefront;’ nonetheless, a completely paralyzed and unwholesome moral fibre behind closed doors

A fast forward wedge with multi-faceted edge made to unleash permanent damage; and yet, pitifully limping with the tip of toe; daily making contact with the hot red Earth

Tampering justice with mercy and yet tempering at the noise of priority

A whitewashed tomb…A masquerade angel or a compact diskette... Authentic or cosmetic?

Dressed up in aprons of majesty before men, and yet adorned in garments of disdain before the high and royal mountains

…..LEPERED GENERALS they are….limping in, through history…..

Fierce anger bathed the soul enchanted by passion to crush the foe, and yet solidly withdrawn from the friend of the foe: a friend who happens to be none other than himself

Anxious, he would wonder why the battles raged ever stronger with unending strife; only to have forgotten to be the very spa ground for those embittered soldiers of thought and deeds

A misfit on the inside and yet a de la creme samurai on the outer

Serving as a role model, and yet meddled up in the manure of life matters

Been himself a martyr, he had nonetheless constricted his mandate to suit his manners

Woefully inadequate and yet faithfully reprobate, for had his determination not exceeded his dissemination, he would have been long gone in the effort to stay the course

With pressure constantly mounting, a catharsis to be fought, he remained a treasured fountain, a nemesis of a sought

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by Shadrack .k. Datrey Akrofi-quarcoo

 Posted by: Shadrack .k. Datrey Akrofi-quarcoo

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