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Pax Romana Mmxvi:  Augustus & You

(In memory of Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus)

Luke 2: 1: “And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed.”

“Till his (Augustus) feet had been put in his seat…”

Truly, wealth and honor and power and splendor would adorn a man who has well bided his time

But enduring peace would elude the man captured by the whims of unpreparedness; just as at the demise of Julius Caesar (the divine), Rome was thrown into a limbo of much undesired unrests

But Augustus, biding his time would play wisely into the emerging unrestrained passions of the constituted triumvirate

For noticing his seniors, he shrewdly would second while paving way for himself

And hence rather than court the animalistic venoms of the triumvirate and end up with the fate of such as Mark Anthony and Brutus, he would readily repose due recognition to whom it was due while bidding the interests of time

Happy is the man who finds the wisdom operational in Augustus whom fate had destined to exercise rule over the lot of Rome

Hence, floating on the wide leveraged wings of the balance between time and wisdom, he would all too soon realize without contest the honor of been accorded name ‘Primum caput’ (first head or most distinguished senator)

While by divine orchestration, he had technically become Imperator Ceasar divi filius (Commander Caesar, son of the deified one), he would rather defer in practice than indulge; while still maintaining gravitas in the execution of assigned delegated responsibilities

Having had a relatively good start in a well off family, he would hardly allow vanity sink into the deep crevices of his corruptible soul; for he had firmly sought to be reminded both in form and substance by the quote and audible pronunciation of Memento mori (remember that you are mortal’) by the carrier of his crown

Stripping himself of most of the regalia and paraphernalia in which damned souls delight, he was careful to know that the health of his life, ambitions and wife, relied heavily in his duty towards words of instructions arraigned with wisdom

He prided himself in the Corona civic (peoples/ civic crown), and glided ever forward under the banner of Virtus, Pietas, Clementia, Iustitia- valor, piety, clemency, and justice

While all Rome had unanimously submitted to his rule and accorded him the rightful honor as the person with Auctoritas

Gaius Octavius or Octavianus (Augustus), was still clear and determinate in his agenda to separate power from pride, and duty from humanity, and hence preferred the title of Augustus to Romulus; realizing that the later though an irreplaceable engineer of the society of Rome in previous history, his name had a form of resounding imprints of undesirable leadership (Monarchy) in the minds of the populace he was to govern.

It was this Augustus after whose greatness the month August was named… would you not be enjoined to feast in the entreaties which made a mortal man become an immortal month?

This is what Augustus was all about (or at least it seems); and this is what I love about been August made.

Pax Romana! Pax Ghana! Pax Africana!
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by Shadrack .k. Datrey Akrofi-quarcoo

 Posted by: Shadrack .k. Datrey Akrofi-quarcoo

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