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June 3rd, 'never Again' 2015

(Dedicated to all victims and survivors of the June 3rd Disaster)

The cloud birthed a lovely morning
A morning with destiny, bleak on the brink
As the sun struggled to unwrap its warmth
It was another day, another struggle, another fight

The sky held its promise of a new day
Destiny ready for its daily kiss
Many a kisses on the cheek, others on the sixth
The dreaded six feet beneath the earth
Life and Death are but a gift
A gift, bequeathed to every living soul
We live to die, aching truth we all detest
One way we came, good way, may we go
Ephemeral, vanity, transient, fleeting
That's life, that's its indelible signature

One moment, a season of laughter
Another moment, a spell of doom
The heavens gave its abundance
A gesture our earth failed to contain
Alas, we did not lend enough jars
Tears from the bleeding cloud to cap
Our sons and daughters gasped for life
When fire and water raged in fight
A duel that left bodies charred
Cruised to a crush while we wail
Next time the heaven wishes to shed
Next time water and fire fixes a bout
Next time destiny smirks an ill-starred chord
May the rhythm of our response
Measure up to save our lives
For the wailings and tears that flowed
Never again, should a June third ever be

by Kb Williams // Integriti News Agency

 Posted by: Kb Williams // Integriti News Agency


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