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Africa Bleeds

What is wrong with our presidents?
Or is it mere incompetence?
How much more pain do we have to contain?
When natural resources are in abundance as propain?

Our cities sleep in darkness
Yet sunshine we enjoy all year round...
Only relying on hydro power with low technical know-how
To maintain and keep it well...

Always at the doors of G20
Begging for arms but not alms
To fight and destroy our likes...
Oh, lord, we need a savior, Africa!!!
Famine, drought, are but only a few of the ill
Our presidents provide, as their bellies they fill
At the expense of us, the masses, who made them heads
And ourselves tails as we sign our doom to demoncracy!

How much more pain do we have to contain?
We die by mosquito bites in our own hospitals
Whereas our leaders have no confidence in our health facilities
So fly up there to seek medical care...
What is the essence of building these health centers?

Africa, is this the life the Lord ordained for us?
Or we are destined to be inferiors till the end of time?
Why do we accept to be black and behave as such?
When colonialism, slavery, assimiliation, and the likes
Were introduced by the whites?
Yet they claim to have a God
So white to strike anyone with blemish!

How much longer do we have to follow the white blindly?
Legalising the abominables that even our black gods abhor?
Sodomy, incest, gayism and the likes...
Did our black gods and cultures not speak vehemently against them?
So, why do we lick their boots for help?
Why has their WHITE GOD not striked them
As they dogmatized us into believing so?

How much more sycophancy do we have to practice as blacks?
We are known for corruption yet we studied their books
And are coached by their grey hairs as professors!
Don't we run overseas to acquire bookish honoraries?
Yet with no practical skills to tap from our own rich resources?

Damn our actions...Its about time we stood our feets
And say 'enough is enough!'
Africa needs radicals, so let us all march on
And put on the banner of change...
A change in our way of life
A change in our attitude...
Change is necessary for Africa's emancipation and development.

Are you ready to join the coarse
To liberate Africa of her white dominion?

Asempa asks

by Asempa Abankwa Okyere

 Posted by: Asempa Abankwa Okyere

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