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When I look at your picture.

When I look at your picture, there's this burning desire,
You are the only person I admire.
You are like a star I see in the night sky,
Sitting all alone sometimes makes me cry.
Your beauty lights up my soul,
The brightness that makes me whole.
I've cried and yearned for so long,
Me without you is like a writer with no song.
I wish you will never choose someone new,
Because the only person I love is you.
Words cannot describe the love I feel inside,
Your beauty can be ranked worldwide.
You always tell me you are that you are,
I can see that when I stare at you from afar.
I love you today, I love you tomorrow,
Losing you will fill me with sorrow.
What a piece of rhyme! I call it a mixture,
All these happen to me when I look at your picture.

by Michael Quartey (Swanzy)

 Posted by: Michael Quartey (Swanzy)

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