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I Remember

How I remember when my phone's memory got full with our messages,
I had to free some memory so I had to delete all my written adages.
These are the days I wished never came,
I had no choice than to stay in the same game.
I still remember when you first touched me,
From then I realised I could never be.
I remember when we chatted all the time,
I still hear your voice and how it sounds like rhyme
"You and I ", you sent to me,
That's the assurance that we'll someday be.
It was years when I remembered how you looked,
That was the time we first Facebooked.
It was the beginning of what we have now,
And even going to the extent of admiring your eyebrow.
Oh! How I miss the day I was with you,
I lost myself and even felt blue.
Will there be a day like this again? "Rhetorical cancer"
Forgetting that questions like that need no answer.
What a blessing you were born in December,
All these memories, I will forever remember.

by Michael Quartey (Swanzy)

 Posted by: Michael Quartey (Swanzy)


Koka from.. Ntonso-Kumasi | 11/2/2016 11:08:30 AM

Well articulated poem.Kudos!

Jonathan Acquah | 2/1/2017 7:35:00 PM

Nice poem


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