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Discerning From O. D. K. Nkrumah

In the history of mankind lived one as a god

As precious as the beauty of the skies
One who could not be exchanged for gold, diamond, silver, nor any other precious stone.

One whose love lived from within
One who had agony to make generations see the beauty of liberation.

Born in September 1909,
Passed on in April 1972,
Impacted generations until this very time,
And laid a patriotic responsibility on me and you.
[Appellations/ commendations/ in native (Akan) dialect]

Ɔdomankoma Asaase Yaa kyԑԑ yԑn akyԑde,
Akyԑde a na ԑsom bo na ԑso kyԑn sono,
Aberempᴐn ne aketekyie mu akyԑdeԑ.
Ɔno ne ᴐbarima kokodurufoᴐ bi a na ᴐfiri Gold Coast Nkuroful mu na ᴐko gyee nkuro ahodo maa ne manfo.

Ɔman yi mu adikanfo manpanyin a na ᴐman yi ne aman foforo manfo da n’akoma so.

I speak of one humble yet great and fearless man
Overseer of this nation’s independence from British colonization

The first Prime Minister and first President of Ɔman Ghana

He who declared Ghana independent at 12 noon on the 6th of March 1957

An influential 20th Century Advocate of Pan-Africanism

A founding member of the Organization of African Unity

Once a winner of the Lenin Peace Prize
He was not only a man, not only a Ghanaian… but an African Lenin

In his strife to accomplish his patriotic vision,
When some men might have pretended to comprehend his concerns, he still stood to contend.

In precarious situations, when things went to the detriment…

In malicious conditions, when all the black race of Africa was discontent,

There rose this man. Oh yes, there was a man.
A man who thought not only of his nation but had many nations at heart

One who was selfless to sacrifice himself so to save the suffering of elsewhere.

A man who could stand boldly and say…
‘’The independence of Ghana is meaningless until it is linked to the total liberation of the African continent’’.

This is of the man who was born as Francis Nwia Kofi Ngogloma

Yes, the very one you got to know as Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

But as an ally in the realms, I nicknamed O. D. K. Nkrumah

A man of the Gold Coast, A man of Ghana, A man of Africa.

It is the message of this man that I, the messenger, carry from the realms

From the realms of the past, I was sent
And to the realms of the present, I speak.
In simple, uncomplicated words, I discern
So there may be no proof of futility as you pay heed.

As I walked along the boulevards of history
With our grandfather and ancestor,
He abruptly turned to me and said;
’Say to my people…
Where are the patriotic and disciplined youth I left?

I had believed they would follow my steps
And do even more from the conduct we together kept’

And as I looked, he wept.
Again he said, remind my people of the words of my colleague, Efraim Amu

Making the Akan National Anthem true to obey
That indeed, the well-being of the nation depends on her own people

In patriotism, diligence and hard work as we make use of knowledge

At the exit of the realms, he said to me his last words…

I was called ‘Osagyefo’ because I was noted as a redeemer

But I had few faults and left some things unfinished. But you all together can do it

Because redemption is not enough, until my people go through prosperity

And it takes the persistence and perseverance of a peaceful and patriotic people to prosper

Let my people know this and arise…and not faint…

I believe in Oman Ghana!
I believe in Africa!
( )

by Roland Owusu-anane

 Posted by: Roland Owusu-anane


Ama Boatemaa | 4/27/2016 1:48:08 PM

Great piece- Indeed, it takes the persistence and perseverance of a peaceful and patriotic people to prosper!

Mhyzzcarolyn | 4/29/2016 3:46:02 PM

Inspirational and touching

comfort | 8/1/2016 1:46:21 PM

Well said and written. Indeed, together can do it. Simple.
Let's not differentiate among ourselves for we are all Blacks and African . Proud to be one. TOGETHER AS ONE

Barbara Bensah Koomson | 9/21/2016 6:17:39 PM

Thanks for reminding us. It is up to us to WORK to achieve our part. Truth, proper application of the knowledge we have acquired, hard work would give us heaven on earth... We already have what it takes


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