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Evolution Xxiv- ‘revolution’ Pt-1

What if all fishes could swim without the help of fins?

What if all fishes could breathe without gills?
What if all fishes could survive on land?
What if all birds could fly with no wings?
What ifall painters could paint without brushes?
What if all men could respire without lungs?
What if all men could live without death?
What if all thoughts could form without imagination?

…and what if we all could remember & forget without recollection?

What if we all could create without brains?
What if all could aspire without inspiration?
What if all could see without eyes?
What if all could feel without touch?
What ifall could smell without nostrils and hear without ears?

What if all could jump without feet?
What if all could feel warmth without hearts?
What if all could catalogue without recording and capture without memory?

What if all could heal without medicine?
What if all could be different without been divisive?

What if we could immortalize without been immortals?

What if we could digest food without the digestive system?

What if we could transport nutrients round the body without the circulatory system?

What if we could purchase without legal tender….but rather trust?

What if we could dream without sleep?
What if evolution evolved to capture the evolving dreams of all evolved youths?

What if we all found cure for death?
What if we understood the mystery of human existence?

What if all students taught their teachers?
What if we all slept in the shade of sea waves, and danced away the sun heat?

What if the shy moon could live always through the day?

What if light existed without darkness?
What if we could have all lights without bulbs?
What if Sun was domesticated?
What if time was placed in eternity and age was illusion?

What if space was a mere phenomenon and placements/ location were imagination constrained?

What if a pathway through the skies was found where we could all live and thrive?

What if lightnings became our match sticks and the water bodies our little fishponds?

What if the forest were our gardens, and the deserts our sand store for massive building projects?

What if the conflicts in the Middle East ceased, and the tensions were allayed?

What if nuclear stockpiles was commonplace?
What if all these things & more happened….What would happen next…???

A 1000 questions for us all who seek revolution, rather than mere ‘evolution’…!!!!!

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by Shadrack K. Datrey Akrofi-quarcoo

 Posted by: Shadrack K. Datrey Akrofi-quarcoo


KING | 7/9/2016 2:10:22 PM

wonderful but impossible, well done


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