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The People We Write-off: “judge Not B4 Time”!!

Few days ago, I came across a schoolmate back in Junior high school days!! (For the purpose of writing, I would call him Kofi)...☺

I remember vividly, while in school Kofi literally BEGGED his way through school life!!! He was either begging for money for fees or begging money for meals or money for transport or money for hospital or begging 'chop chop' from mates or begging fewer lashes for lateness or begging teacher for not understanding 'the whole show' ...etc. From begging! (Sad, isn't it)...!!!??

He was nicknamed with tags like Ofui, Okoli, 'ejankaba', one-way traffic,kpiting3...and the most popular, Y2k Bartimeaus (from the story of blind beggar healed in the Bible by Jesus).

Been compassionate to his plight, I would often tell him to request some of his needs from me instead of BROADCASTING IT and get disgraced in return (but though my request was genuine, the problem was this that: ‘I almost never had enough myself’)!!! Hehe…

I was either short of gari or shito or milo or milk or something (I always was ‘short’ of something; BUT it seemed at least that, I was better off than Kofi hence I didn’t go abegging whatever I was temporarily in need of).

One day, while chatting Kofi (who was abandoned by parents because he was born partially blind and diseased in one leg), Kofi told me of his dream to be a lawyer who defends the underprivileged and wishes to marry a beautiful lady (he specifically said a non-Ghanaian lady)!!! I must confess, ''I looked down on him in my heart and wondered how such a miserable 'Kofi' would rise to such heights...or even be so PROUD to imagine such a dream..”!!

Little did I know that few years after (when many of our colleagues are now 6ft down, and others alive are only struggling to see 'sun- rise' and/or 'moon-die' before reviving their hopes), I would meet Kofi, now a lawyer signed with a premier brand law consulting firm in UK! To add surprise to surprise, Kofi had completely (i) regained sight (ii) perfected his previously challenged legs and last but never the least (iii) secured a beautiful looking BRITISH SWEETIE as his wife!!!!!!!! Eeeeiiiii, wonders, they say NEEEEEEVA ends...!!!!

Here was Kofi, his glorious wife and two awesome looking kids waving after a hearty chat; chauffeured away by his driver in their latest ‘toy’ (as he calls his ‘tear-rubber Lamborghini’). Kofi, still maintaining his composure at usual; but it was obvious, he had done marvelously well for himself& his sweet family.

The rest of story (at least for now is history)...hopefully Kofi would start local LEGAL TEAM TO DEFEND YOUTHS on the GOLD EMPIRE FOUNDATION tickets this year.

But the lesson is, WHO are you also writing off today??? And in fact, who do you think you are to WRITE-OFF someone???...hmmm, better be careful..!

Rephrasing Quote by famous play write: 'there is NO design on A PERSONS FACE to show what would be of you or him or both of you the NEXT SECOND’, so do well to apply your moral breaks when cases fall within your jurisdiction….be slowwwww to judge before time!!!!

On the other hand, be a 'Kofi' today....Keep your dreams alive!!!...

Let the 'dream future' you have MATTER MORE.... I refuse to write-you OFF!!! Things would work out...!!!

Welcome to today called ''... Int'l Things Would Work Out....’’ day. Lolol).

Refuse to write-off friendship/relationship /job/passion/assignment/ mission etc..

Get HOT...It shall WORK [email protected]°C
(NB: if you have mistakenly written off some people/things and wish to have a 2nd chance, WHY NOT CALL OR PRIVATE CHAT ME: Adey 4u...🔥🏃👀👏🏾👊🏿)


by Shadrack .k. Datrey Akrofi-quarcoo

 Posted by: Shadrack .k. Datrey Akrofi-quarcoo

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