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What Many Readers Don't Know About P&p Newspaper!!!

Greetings good and beautiful people, and thanks for patronizing ‘modernghana’ web links/ facility

Today, I like to send our minds dabbling in a little bit of ‘muddy’ waters…

Ready? Ok, let’s shoot….!!!!
Have you ever bought a P&P newspaper? Or have you ever taken pains to read through it?

Or like many of us, do you prejudice it and immediately WRITE IT OFF once you see its’ 'somewhat funny-looking' FRONT PAGE STORIES?? Hmm...

Well, I decided once some 8-10 years back to satisfy my CURIOSITY and get a copy! Usually, the 'open' display of brutality or vulgarism(sexual pictures) either scared me or aroused in me some 'deadly passions' respectively; moreover, I didn't want many youths who have great respect for my values to be shocked seeing me read a newspaper with front-page nudity..!!! (Sounds funny right)!!!

Ok, so to satisfy both my insatiable curiosity (of knowing exactly what lies within the P&P paper) as well as not disrespect the many youths I struggle daily to help improve upon their lot in life, I concluded on buying a P&P newspaper at an unusual location and slip into a 'hideout' where I could read through thoroughly

.!!! Hehehee
Voila!!!! expectations were dashed!!!
And I’m quite sure many others would have been…if they had attempted a read!

The newspaper as we see on FRONTIER is usually quite different from what's within! (Some say it is a marketing strategy! Others oppose and say, Content=Container etc.)

Well, I leave that to us…!!!
But my lesson for us all this Tuesday is::
...usually NOT ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOLD...or better still, be slow to judge the package sometimes; because the content MIGHT SAY DIFFERENTLY..!!!

What many don’t to realize is that life is in two forms(at least in my personal view and professional practice): The two forms I find life expressing itself are:

Do I subscribe to ‘OVERPLAYING’?? NO!!! But neither do I to ‘OVERLEARNING'?

The danger then lies in taking sides with one against the other ‘allegoric leg’ of life.

Today, determine to be slow in passing judgments especially on your terrific Tuesday partner (LOL), work colleague or business associate... Enjoy a great day with positive energy!!!

And the litmus test for all I have said is this: Once awhile, purposely pretend to have fallen, and see who assumes the privileged status of the good Samaritan.

Like the P&P newspaper reader some 8-10 years ago, JUDGE GRACIOUSLY!!!

NII ( [email protected] , 0266 650 605)

by Shadrack .k. Datrey Akrofi-quarcoo

 Posted by: Shadrack .k. Datrey Akrofi-quarcoo

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