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Creation And Us

Like me, have you ever also wondered
Why good people with problems are bothered
Problems that give them sleepless nights
And displace from them memorable sights
Of a lovely and enjoyable life on earth?
Because they see themselves at birth
As the Alfa and Omega, the start and the end
They believe they must have the final “I said”

But this is the truth of our life alone
We are all in the centre of creation
As creation is still ongoing in the universe
We need to appreciate our place in this verse
We are neither the richest nor the poorest
Neither the fattest nor the slimmest
Neither the weakest nor the strongest
Neither the tallest nor the shortest
Neither the most beautiful nor the ugliest
Neither the most brilliant nor the dullest
And if we knew that somehow we are
At the centre of an ongoing creation as we are
Our greed, misgivings, strivings, wickedness and anxiety

Will vanish in the knowledge that we were meant to be

In the middle of creation and that by our very nature

We cannot be different from who we are meant to be.

by Emeka Asinugo

 Posted by: Emeka Asinugo

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