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The Cleaner

I thought I should share this idea with you
Because I perceive that most of us seem to
Often forget that most gifts we always regard
As precious are indeed given free to us by God
Most important of them being the air we breathe
It’s freely given to us, whether we are dirty or neat

So are those servants of our awesome God
“Cleaners” as we have always had them called

In our workplaces and in our cherished homes
To think without them what happens to our hopes
From deadly epidemics of sorts, we sure will all die

If all rubbish from our homes and workplaces were to lie

Within our environments, to litter our cherished lives

Yet, like so many valuables in our God-given lives
Their work cannot be quantified by monetary values
That is why small wages compliment their actual values

So that only those who know what they are into here

Will do the work with their heads reasonably high
Knowing that they are servants of the most High God

Whose own with abundant life has always stored
Being the motivated advocates of preventive Medicare

To checkmate the prevalence of curative Medicare

by Emeka Asinugo

 Posted by: Emeka Asinugo

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