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Love And Enjoying It

Had always heard and read about love from articles and books. But never did i experience it till i met you.

At first, i thought i didn't know what was happening till i realised i needed you all the time... was this love i was experiencing?

I always wanted to see you, be with you and enjoy your company... Your smiles were like cold water streaming down my throat...

Just the mention of your name sent shrills over my body... Your embrace was, ah...well, words cannot explain... my mistakes you over looked as i committed them... ah... what a life!

A God sent...Romeo and Juliet's fiction was indeed no fiction but true story... Love is indeed sweet! Sweeter than i imagined and read about...

Hmmm... even the liver has a bile attached to it... What did i do wrong? What turned the tables? Did the sun rise from the west and set at the east this time? Did your eyes open? My mistakes your strongholds for quarrel... Life is sour with love, you let me so imagined!

The tables have turned... i cannot stand your presence that was ones heaven... I hate to hear your name... gosh... who are you? Life is unbearable with you under the same roof...

Your words, hmmm... your words pierce like sword, arrows, hmmmm... these same words that were ones soothing and comforting... oh, what happened?

Am i of myself? Nagging about everything; words, action, composure... little did i know i was loosing it... and you...yes you, my love...gone, far from me...

Love and enjoying it is really tempting... Do you have the heart to LOVE? Have you weighed your heart for love? Hmmmm... Love and living it is really complicated so, weigh the options before you cross that line!

by Asempa Abankwa Okyere

 Posted by: Asempa Abankwa Okyere

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