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The Heavens Must Hear..

He is the representative of the people as they ushered him into office.
We believed, cherished and trusted you as a channel through which expectations will be reality.
Our expectations, dreams and visions are lost in the swamps. Nothing is seen as you gained office cos you cared not for us.
Your behavior has brought to us a backsliding economy, full of thift, corruption, mismanagement and the like.The heavens ought to hear and perhaps reward you diligently.
People are pawns and victims from the war thou created.Heaven must hear of the plight of those who were slained during the war.Heaven must hear the crys and the agitations of the victimized, thanks to you.
Be ye not joyous cos heaven rewards each folk according to their deeds...

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by Augustine Coffie

 Posted by: Augustine Coffie


glen0555817513 | 2/11/2016 12:52:43 AM

Wd u b ma producer or buy......poems/i write lyk ds if nt beta


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