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A Flight From London To Kano Develop Fault In Nigeria Space

A flight from London to kano develop fault in Nigeria space Very worried the captain calls the Aminu kano airport. Aminu kano airport this is captain Smith reporting flight 007.Do u copy? Kano tower:"yes Alhaji Smith we Kofi" British Airways "flight 007 Reporting technical faults" Kano tower:" Kai haha! " British Airways :" sorry tower couldn't get that" Kano tower :"Okay plight 00seben Kan you tune fawa in injin? " British Airways" :"negative didn't copy " Kano tower:" Kan u Kom down to altitude twenty thousand pit? " British Airways" :" negative tower, wings won't respond " Kano tower" :"kai" British Airways :" negative didn't copy that tower " Kano tower :" Okay d flane will Kom down in som time due to low injin fawa, ofun yo taya at altidute sis thousan fit, due 1st sebenty digri " British Airways" :" negative can't activate the landing gear " Kano tower :" yoowa! British Airways :" awaiting order ', flight 007 Kano tower":"Okay refit apta me British Airways :": Okay what?!! Kano tower :": ASHADU ANLA ILAHA ILLALAHU, WA ASHADU ANNA MUHAMMADAN RASULULLAHI (prayer for the dead


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tenken | 2/16/2016 9:49:42 AM

cant stop lafin hahahahaha

rita dankyi | 8/2/2016 5:28:06 PM

I laugh enter zongo.i will be coming there this year so admit me


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