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When Will It All End?

I speak through my pen
No matter what happens
I will do well to fill my page
If not for words
What else can explain the pain?
How long shall I stay in this cage?
A place of no gain
Imagine a day without chords
A heart that lacks rhythm
O! How long shall my feeling be denied?
One moment of happiness turns sorrow
One moment of smile turns frown
How long is Cupid's arrow
That which when yet thrown kills than a billion warriors
Can someone tell me what is happening to me
O! I don't even understand Can't even remember my name..
Aaah,see how fear grips my hand
The pen is not stable
I am confused about the whole scene
It might be the cause of the table or one of the marbles
Someone hold me tight before I fall
Don't let go till I say my final words
When will it all end?
When will it all end?
Is it from where it starts or where ended?
When it gets dirty would you be there?
When the scenario is clear would you still care?
When charity bears down malice would anger stand?
Do you think they are lively because you are here?
When you sit down
On your bed at night,lie on your bed at night or dawn
Ask this question and maybe answer yourself
When will it all end?

by Benjamin Nortey (bennor)

 Posted by: Benjamin Nortey (bennor


glen | 2/11/2016 12:55:57 AM


SIMON-PETER | 9/8/2016 8:47:26 PM

so nice


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