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The Pulchritude

Born in a manger on a beautiful sunny day
Of the green atmosphere by a pulchritudinous ebony mother
Nurtured in the lucid refinement of jaw-dropping rhythm of pedigree.

In times of the modern day

Gallivanting gorgeously in the colourful pace of the African mother
Spruced up in the kaleidoscopic principium of pedigree.
Advancing in the scintillant fashion of the ebony vine in coming days
With my nose in the air I sing aloud my Ebony African Mother
In the world of two spheres, bathing till my last breath in the river of my pedigree.

by J.b Dickson

 Posted by: Kormla


Ama Boateng | 2/26/2016 8:10:07 PM

Eih br3fo paa. can anyone help with its analysis?


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