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Dead Or Alive

You preach virtue and practice vice,

Blindly misleading the masses with your device

Of flattery and deceit, quoting from the BOOK

To support your actions for all to witness and look...

Are you dead or alive?

You claim to be alive

Yet there you lie amongst the dead with your life

Busily laying your treasures amongst the dead

And deliberately killing your conscience in the head

Neglecting the will of your father who keeps you alive,

Are you not dead than being alive?

You preach the holistic nature of marriage

And counsel the young to embrace marriage

Yet there you go behind the kiosk to meet her

Behind your wife to do 'things' with her

Are you decorating your finger with that ring

Or you are dead and wish to remain in that wing?


In Christ we profess to be alive and well

But in reality we rot in the valley of death cell

Exploiting the weak to hit the targets

And look down on the poor as useless facets...

Are we really being sincere and holy

To the bone as we wish to be seen wholly?

I stand the Chief of sinners looking up to God

To forgive me my debts as I abstain from His rod...

You have been dead for long

So why not wake from your slumber and come along?

If you are alive already

Stay focused and maintain your stance as you ready

Yourself to meet HIM!

Asempa questions 

by Asempa Abankwa Okyere

 Posted by: Asempa Abankwa Okyere

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