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A Citizen's Cry

Battered with sorrow and pain
The struggles yield no gains
With resisting coats I stay in the rains
And sometimes ignore the giant scorching sun
To get good food, education, and health for my daughters and sons

overworking at nights to prevent the collapse
Of the company that was established when I fed on laps
Gets my tiring muscles twitching
The lights, on and off, they keep switching
Got my country an international vocab, dumsor
What do we pride in that word for
If not for shame, then a hideous fame
A falling and unstable currency
Causing a shake in the economy
Flaking away hopes currently
Making people's lives like a fantasy
"When the take home salary, cannot even take people home"
When people are so tight, they wish they could slate off their tithes
Yet, thank God, it is constant, not on any automatic adjustment formula
That would be swinging like the cedi and the dollar
With blind folded eyes, a walk in the dark
Throwing the hands around to cling on the back
Of one soul whose hopes are not falling nor lacking
A Ghanaian filled with wishes for change
Desiring alteration in the path from doom to glory
To bring back the hopes and keep them alive
To keep the lights shining and the machines powered
The systems working and the economy stable
Not make the cedi so feeble like a cooked noodle
But to build a nation strong like the odum tree
And make every citizen live stress free
And work on the dreams keeping them flowing like the streams.

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by Ernest Obeng

 Posted by: Ernest Obeng


Ntiful Richmond | 3/22/2016 11:06:57 PM



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