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You rob the poor of his innocence

You avert justice all because of money

And rob the innocent of his innocence

All in the name of connections you enjoy as honey

Where is your dignity?

Now, you ask men of God to preside over gay marriage

Against their will and fear of rotting in jail

In a seemingly nice bill backed by law in a package

Where lies your conscience and good Morales as you fail?


Respect is thrown to dogs and evil hide behind human rights

Only to be enjoyed and seen as a norm of the day without fights.

Forget not the scriptures that say spare the rod and spoil the child

But, what do I see...human rights call it abuse of the child

Where lies our decency and dignity?


Education is as expensive as minerals

Only to be enjoyed by the rich and the poor to enjoy funerals

Yet governments claim free education for all...

With their heads abroad enjoying greener pastures

And their anus home polluting the system home...

Where is our dignity and decency?


The priest talk the walk and fails to walk the talk

Enriching himself at the expense of the poor church members

Just as the politician who calls himself "Honorable"

Without doing things honourable enough for his society...

Awaken your conscience and have some dignity!


Filth engulfs us all without a fall

You are responsible as I am, so point no fingers!


Asempa thinks aloud.

by Asempa Abankwa Okyere

 Posted by: Asempa Abankwa Okyere


martina | 9/13/2015 5:34:24 PM

Nice one keep it up

Nyarko | 1/27/2016 4:22:40 PM

I really love it


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