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A minute of silence

All the world is pretty but a stage,
As at ones passing, a new page
Is opened to either doom or paradise;
Awaiting the soothing touch of a hand as ice,
Either to be condemned to a cell or to uplift,
The soul to its rightful palace due fit...

Today you bid farewell to a dear one,
Whose life race is ran to the finish line;
And the life's competition won-
But relative to the living as different views we opine...

As we lament over our loss,
I ask this, "are we fit to cross
That bridge from living in the flesh to the realm
Either to condemnation or to redemption in the realm?"

Farewell, lover, friend, love, and colleague,
If 'tis true, we will meet again in a way so unique!

by Asempa Abankwa Okyere

 Posted by: Asempa Abankwa Okyere

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quot-img-1I'd rather work with someone who's good at their job but doesn't like me, than someone who likes me but is a ninny.

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