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My Home Africa

They call it Africa but we say it is Home.
Land of greatness from which greatness of great men began.
Land of mysteries and history, culture ,custom and heritage.
I am proud of you my origin, head and tail.
Land of my father their own fathers before them.

You are the origin of all races
The respected Negro and the white.
I love your greener pastures with the zebra a wonderful animal.
You are the only land with magnetic force of attraction.
no repulsion when being a victim
My home is blessed with Alluvial gold, diamonds and ivory.
best instruments when it comes to music.
so pleasant to every ear.
The gon-gong ,xylophone makes sound zoo melodious

Am I not decently dressed in my batakari and jigida
my queen in the kente
praises to the architect of my home
that is #Africa my home


by Abdul Gafur Issah

 Posted by: Abdul Gafur Issah


Ibrahimovich | 9/9/2015 1:00:18 AM

good my bro

Abdulrazakmohammed | 10/14/2015 10:24:20 AM

Wow what a poem God Bless Africa


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