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I met you coincidentally
Got attracted physically
Became awed spiritually
We talked friendly
And parted unfortunately
I got in-touch immediately
Conversations went on smoothly
I became attached emotionally
Now I've been enslaved mentally
Cuffed and imprisoned criminally
Charged with love eventually
Diagnosed with Nat medically
Contesting the charge judicially
While hoping for a pardon presidentially
And to get cured rapidly
To live life joyfully
But you say you want a patiently
Caring man to unconditionally
Adore and cherish endlessly
Which I really understand honestly
My only fear is to wait fruitlessly.

by Umar Mbelayim

 Posted by: Umar Mbelayim

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quot-img-1the pain given by love is more than we call a pain

By: shoukathali quot-img-1