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The Republic Of Ghanaians

The Republic of Ghana? Oh, No! I contend there should be a reverse. It
should no more be the Republic of Ghana. Let's call it the Republic of

With this new brand in mind, maybe we will remind ourselves constantly
that this nation is for Ghanaians, and it would only take Ghanaians to
make it work- each blessed citizen.

55 years ago, we attained the status of a Republic. And you know what
that meant? It meant were (are) capable of building our own country
for our children and children's children. It meant each citizen must
bring on board what he/she has to offer, for the collective progress
of all. It meant (means) free, independent and hardworking citizens!

We made that pledge to ourselves. And these words cemented that
pledge: “At long last the battle has ended, and Ghana our beloved country is free forever”!

55 years down the lane, we reckon we have failed. The battle had not
ended, and we were not free. We have 'failed' to keep that promise we
made to ourselves at the re-birth of this nation.

We have lost the way!

Partisanship has replaced nationalism.

Greed has become our second

Individualism has closed the book of
collective interest.

Corruption has replaced honesty.

Laziness has replaced hardwork.

Mental slothfulness has repealed
constructive thinking.

The path to riches has been construed to the youth as the 'quick and easy path'.

Tilling our own soil for opportunities has been replaced with the
philosophy of I-cannot-make-it-if-I-do-not- travel-abroad.

The Republic Of Ghanaians!

It has been said that government has been a liability to us- True!
It has also been said that government has been the main cause of our
problems- True?
It is not the better government we need; it is the better people to
occupy government we need.

And Ghana, as we see now, has been the outward manifestation of the
collective attitude of all of us.
And this is the way it must be! Until we change our attitudes, we
cannot progress- both individually and nationally.

With Mathematical exactitude, Responsible citizens = Responsible nation.

So weep, beloved Ghanaian, if you can. And after weeping, find
practical ways of making the 'Republic of Ghanaians' better for our children and children's children.
The nation is ours and it is in our own interest to make her great and


KOFIARKOH is the writer of this piece. He is the Author of 'A MEMO TO THE GHANAIAN YOUTH'.
Do well to contact him on 233 541778442 and share your thoughts.

by Kofi Arkoh

 Posted by: Kingsford Duodu Adane


macbright | 7/3/2015 4:58:21 AM

yes bro na true too

B B FR TMA | 7/24/2015 8:45:43 PM

Infact well spoken

billy | 8/15/2015 8:44:42 PM

all his words goes straight to da heart

Ibrahimovich. parazito | 9/9/2015 12:43:31 AM

hypocrisy is the food of Ghanaians now.
I respect speak truth


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