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Irene's Diary

Yes, I killed him. He was the most abusive man I have ever met. After all he deserves to die, the world was not made for such cruelty. I remember the last time I saw him with that village girl, my arch-enemy, the girl who calls herself Matilda!

2nd March, 14

Kwame doesn't sleep with me these days. I have realized that even if he does, it is not up to standards as before. I regret for killing my husband. If Oliver was alive, he would beat me but by the evening, he will console me and take me to utopia. I killed him to have my freedom but here I am sharing a bed with a weakling who calls himself a man.

3rd March, 14

It's been a week since my husband died and I couldn't go to his funeral. His family members say I killed their son but in truth, I didn't. I never killed him, I only hit him with a chair on his head. He was bleeding alright but I know he left home for the hospital. They say he died with a knife in his stomach, I have told Oliver's sister, Martha that I didn't kill his brother. I lied to her that he left home for work and never came back and that was the last time I heard of him. Martha thinks I am lying, in fact, she thinks I am a liar. I remember when we first met, she told his brother that I looked like a prostitute and that was ten years ago and she still doesn't like me yet.

9th March, 14

It's been two weeks since I killed Oliver and now I have to run from home. I have no home (I don't mind) and I have no man to warm me and tickle me to the point of ecstasy (for that I mind!)

16th March, 14

Dear diary, Oliver came home today bleeding and I tried to send him away. He just didn't want to go for reasons best known to him, I didn't want him to die on me so I...............gave him poison and drove him to the nearby cemetery and dropped him there. He wasn't dead but I knew he would. He looked at me with a “you-have-betrayed-me-kind-of-look”. My car was stained with his blood. Gosh! I had to wash my car inside out, late at night and it still smells of him. Oh God! I hope he didn't tell anyone that he was coming to my house? That wife of his, Irene, would tell everyone that I killed him. I loved Oliver, well I loved how he rocked my thighs and nights. I shouldn't have sent him away. I should have made him have sex with me only if for a night and if he dies, I don't mind. Now, he is dead and I couldn't get the last bit of him. What a mistake. Oh diary, what should I do?
2nd March, 14

Oh my God! I heard that Oliver is dead. Dear diary, that is no news and you know it! I hear he was stabbed! I didn't stab him and he also didn't stab himself (I am very sure he had no knife on him). Who could have killed him? Hmmm just this morning, I heard Irene wailing and I heard her mentioning my name. I don't know what she said but I definitely know it wouldn't be anything good! That woman is a thing of evil! He had a man who could set fire to every thighs he touched, she had a man whose sexual prowess was unquestionable. Don't be silly Matilda, the man is dead. I know that I will miss those nights. If I could have him in my arms, only if for a night.........
3rd March, 14.

Oh Martha, but you koraa what be your matter? Now you see you've killed your own brother? What ashawo life be this? Your own brother and you have been sleeping with him. Don't you know that the Bible speaks against it? What are you going to do? Of cos, its simple, his wife killed him now! Everyone knows Irene is a prostitute. That Irene girl drove him to the cemetery after she had poisoned him and had hit his head with something. He was bleeding and weak but I still had sex with him. He had an erected manhood and even in death, my brother looked sexually appealing. I was having a good time with him and same was for him. I saw that smile on his face when I was driving him to Paradise but happiness is indeed short. I heard some movement, then he (I am sure it's a male's voice, if it was a female, I will tell her to buy a new voice) shouted and I had to run away leaving my brother lying dead.
2nd March, 14

Oh my God, I just heard my brother is dead. He has been stabbed. I can't write anymore.
3rd March, 14

I didn't know the man but it didn't stop me from helping him. In fact, I wanted to but I couldn't. It was a long time since I had sex and I just couldn't let him go. What if I helped him, he gets well and later he tells me he is not a homosexual what will I do? "Anka m'afr3 dance ab)ka". And that girl too, she wasn't sexy koraa, look at how she was having sex with the man. Who does that? Thank God, I scared him (she looked like a man) away. Hard body.
He seemed helpless and when I tried to do it, he had this "Please-stop-it" kind of look on his face and I also had this "Please-let-me-do-it" kind of look on my face. But as the girl before me, I felt a hand touch me, I didn't even turn to look at the face and I run away leaving my jeans and boxers behind.
2nd March, '14

I just realized that the man I slept with was Matilda's boyfriend? My arch-enemy, I will tell the whole community that I saw her dump that man at the cemetery. Meanwhile I hear he was stabbed. Could it be that the man that caught me had stabbed him?
3rd March, 14


Oliver Francis did not die of poison, he did not die of the hurt on his head, and neither did he die by stabbing. He died out of too much sweetness.
6th March, 14

(Dr. Samuel Fobi)

by Yaw Frimpong

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