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A Poem For Open University

Its Open, not to anyone
But to everyone, who seek knowledge
It is a University of learning, not just in the class rooms
But in any place the student is comfortable
Open University, is as open as a free border
Its capabilities, as large as goods ordered
In the open citadel, priority is not sitting in the classroom before a tutor
It is learning wherever you are and be guided away from ignorance
Here you learn, to be responsible to yourself
And then you become,an independent learner
To succeed in this open system, you must be well equipped
And the standard course materials are there to guide you
These are study materials, produced by the best professors
Some scattered across Nigeria, and others, across the world
It is first of its kind, The Open University
Not just better in learning,
But the best without limitations
Its good to study here, the place of true learning
Where a university vice chancellor, is a course mate to a road side mechanic
It is in Open University,CEO's are colleague to struggling laborers
In this unique setting, a teen of 15, is a mate with a man of 50.
Its Open, Its University, its learning all through
While it is Open, Mal-practices is almost zero
Write exam now, get result now (E-Exam)
Write paper in Lagos, to be marked in Kano (Pen On paper)
But the admission is easy, apply now, get admitted now.
If you can't study, you can't be a graduate.
Welcome, its Open University.

by Abdulrazaq O Hamzat

 Posted by: Abdulrazaq O Hamzat

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