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Mine Is One Of Yours

It has always been with the youth of today to have
what their colleagues
have. Yet some of them seem to forget that all
fingers are not equal and
not all that glitters is gold. Always having the desire
to have a quality
or possession that someone else has makes you copy
and forces you to become
what you are not. This fever of always having what
someone owns has led
most of the young girls of today to their early doom.
Most of them die at
very young ages not because they are knocked
down by cars or die in their
sleep but they become mentally paralyzed for life.
Did I just say mentally
paralyzed? Yes, mentally paralyzed through
mockery, rejection, poverty, shame,
destructed education, and lack of focus.
Surprisingly, this happens among ladies particularly.
For instance Ama has
a nice hand bag which Afia does not have. Now if
you should go further, you
will realise Ama`s mother bought her the bag but
since Afia`s is from a
poor background and her mum can't afford the bag.
Afia looks for a
boyfriend or better still a sugar daddy that can cater
for her needs.
Similarly, if Kofi has a nice wrist watch bought for
him by his father and
his friend Kwame sees it, obviously, he would wish
to have a similar watch,
but it's quite unfortunate Kwame can't afford it
neither can his parents,
he also has to resort to having a sugar mummy to
shower him with expensive
One may ask, are they given these gifts for free?
The answer is very short
and simple, no. Do you think people these days run
charity foundations for
free? In fact, a big No. No one in this our present
world does anything for
free. That is to say, that the gifts these so called
sugar mummy's and
daddy's lavish on these innocent children are not
for free. They will
surely have to pay for them. How is the question?
How? In kind of course
.They do not need your money for anything because
there is no way I will
buy hair food from someone with a bald head. The
person showers you with a
lot of money and for that matter needs your money
for nothing.
Payment in kind? What kind of payment is that?
Yes, it's quite obvious that
what a sugar daddy or mummy would want from
you is sex, the person needs
you to satisfy his/her sexual desires and so would
do anything just to get
you in his/her bed. What happens afterwards? The
burden is left for you to
carry. Whatever the burden, they care less. Who
then is to blame if you
came out free or not? Is it your father, your mother,
the so called sugar
daddy/mummy, your friend who`s nice handbag or
wrist watch you envied so
much or your insatiable and ungrateful self? That's
a big question right?
Well the answer is left to you. Either end up
acquiring a sexually
transmitted infection or you get pregnant at a very
young age. Yes, teenage
pregnancy. The sad thing is that, the outcome of
these things mostly has a
hunting repercussion and a clear reflection on
ladies. Guys might just go
scot free but a pregnant teenage girl will obviously
be seen because in the
long run, you will have a protruding stomach that
will be seen by all.
Imaging what happens to you after you have
acquired HIV/AIDS, gonorrhoea
,syphilis, hepatitis, the fresher's gentleman in town
EBOLA or you get
pregnant while a teenager still in school. What do
you think will happen to
Society will be unfair to you until eternity. You
become an outcast in your
own home. You are rejected by all, even the same
people you did it with who
were so fortunate to come out free. You thought you
would always go scot
free but failed to remember that every day for thief,
one day for master.
Rejection is one thing that can paralyze you
mentally for life; it can make
your whole life miserable. At times you feel like
dying, you feel like all
is lost, you feel like God is being unfair to you, but
all I will say is
you called the shots and so you must bear the
Mockery is obviously one thing you cannot run
away from when you find
yourself in any of the above situations. Imaging you
are diagnosed HIV/AIDS
positive or tested to be pregnant and in few months'
time you have a
protruding belly with a missing father and people in
your community find
out. Tell me what you think will happen. All fingers
will point at you,
being it black fingers, fair coloured ones, straights
ones, bent ones, and
what have you, not because you were the unlucky
one, not because you were a
victim of circumstance but you asked for it.
You drop out of school, because you have to take
care of yourself and your
baby. You have to make ends meet. You have no
father or mother though
mother might still sneak out with some cassava for
you without father's
knowledge because our mothers will always do
anything for us even if we let
them down. Such is nature. The future is
jeopardized, no school, no work,
no family, no friends. How pathetic it is. Poverty
becomes the order of
your day. You may resort to selling sachet water in
the streets of Accra or
Kejetia in Kumasi. Ask yourself how risky it is and
tell me if you were
ready to go through this before you gave in to him.
You lose complete focus
and that is what I call your doom, your mental
Now there are two options you are left with. Either
to get rid of the
pregnancy or give birth to the baby. Imagine you
attempt aborting and you
die, what message have you for God. That's just one.
Your child is born into this world, he gets no formal
education because
mummy has no money and no one is willing to help.
He starts selling water
on the streets to make ends meets, from there he
starts making friends and
is gradually becoming a member of a gang
indirectly, before you realise, he
has started killing innocent people and making
away with their belongings.
In the case of a female, she may choose to become a
“Night rider” or
prostitute as it's popularly known to be. She either
acquires STI`s or
follows the footsteps of her mother by also
becoming pregnant and the race
continues in that order. What contribution have you
made towards building
the nation? Nothing, you just added to the burden
of the Nation, by
producing potential armed robbers, prostitutes,
causing an increase in
streetism. The Nation continues to wallow in abject
poverty not because the
government is not working but because you and
people of your kind have
chosen to pull down every piece of brick we put on
the foundation, and then
we ask ourselves, where are we headed as a
Before I conclude, I would like to tell all the young
ladies out there that
you shouldn't wait for someone to tell you, “You are
beautiful” before you
know you are beautiful. Take this from me, that no
matter how you are, and
where you come from as a lady, there is surely one
thing that makes you
unique. Every lady is special; don't destroy your life
by going after rich
men. Don't envy people because your time may just
be around the corner. Be
satisfied with what you have, for all you know
someone somewhere might be
proud of you just the way you are. Wait for Gods
time because it is always
the best. Be prayerful, work hard and set goals for
yourselves that even
the strongest men would never think of.
Irresponsible men are on the rise;
watch out for them, for they will always destroy
your future. No good man
will ask for your pride before helping you. Besides,
why do you need
someone's help? Help yourself and God will help
you. Prayer is very
essential in all that you endeavour. Don't let people
apportion blame on
you for the woes of the Nation. The choice is yours
If it so happens that you find yourself in any of the
situations above, tell
yourself that all is not lost, you started the battle
and you must end it.
Not just ending the battle, but ending is well and
becoming successful.
Challenges are like grasses on the pathway, do
away with them and the rode
becomes good for usage. God never forsakes his
servants so call on him in times
of need and he will listen to you and help you and
remember that *yours is
never one of hers” but rather yours is yours and
hers is hers. Thank you
very much and may God bless you.

Karim Ewura Adams

by Karim Ewura Adams

 Posted by: Karim Ewura Adams

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