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E-Ink Series:-Yam Pepper Scatter Scatter

Inspired by the dilemma electorates are facing and also anticipating
the outcome of either cases. I tried viewing both parties and the
electorial chairman from a non sentimental point of view, laying out
facts as they are, trust it will be entertaining and educative.

Burning out is the fire of your lantern;
Oh hat-man, Oh Goodluck Jonathan;
Stagnant four years before now;
You needed not speak the "I" pronoun;
For we fought and spoke for you;
We thought your loyalty was true;
We cared less your tribe;
Our luck had come we wanted your type;
We didnt mind if you spoke bonjour;
But your dog turned deaf ears to the hunter's whistle;
Left our girls to Sambisas evil;
Painted the north red with blood;
Made corruption your display picture;
Only NGOs didn't strike during your tenure;
Yam pepper scatter scatter;
Food for politicians, food for thugs.

Our grandfather, dear Muhammadu Buhari;
Take a kaftan & Carmel for a vacation in Kalahari;
They said you had no stain to your name;
But can you handle the rogues in today's game?
Your party preaches CHANGE!!!
Yet it's leader the type to say 'come back for change';
Your running buddy Osibajo Oluleke Yemi;
Only thing you share with him is grey hair;
A man who forgets his number and VP's name;
If elected will forget the promises in his manifesto;
Hope your duo on Nigeria don't turn a mistletoe;
If Boko Haram is shunned will creek's militants be?
Show your cards show us a solid plan B;
Yam pepper scatter scatter;
Food for politicians, food for thugs.

Jega much older than your age you now look;
An ally and companion of Apostle Paul was St Luke;
So have you been to your employer;
Would you declare him such if he emerges loser?
Will your integrity at stake be in jeopardy;
Will you cat away with ballot boxes 'leopardly';
Can you vouch for the integrity of all your staff?
People who see rigging a professional craft;
You operate under threat and duress;
Declare us winner and get more duplex;
Declare loser and be lost from your people;
Talk straight, thank God you have no dimple;
Through your lips the country will walk or be crippled;
Yam pepper scatter scatter;
Food for politicians, food for thugs.

Adagbada Dipor Exzie (@IamExzie) 08162717889

by Adagbada Dipor Exzie

 Posted by: Adagbada Dipor Exzie

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