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Fix Me

You paint your world black
You want your heart so cold
So cold, hell can only
Dream of melting it
And you pride yourself with it
Once upon a time,
You broke my heart
Once upon a dark light
That shone on me,
There was neither glue
Or hope that could hold
What you broke together

Too many pieces scattered on this cold floor.
Too many bloody pieces splayed at my feet.
You see me tremble and perhaps I deserve it but these hands
Were not trained to cradle
These hands do not do gentle
You dropped your heart on my lap and I dared to touch

These very words you call a lullaby
These very hands you use to nurse and break me
To cure and kill me
I prayed that you would be human
Even if it was the last you could do
But you sat and dined with pieces of broken bottles

In one hand
My heart in another...
Piercing and breaking me down!
Tune your voice down to a whisper
And jab my hollow chest with your seething words
I loved you as myself,
Now maneuvering round pieces of you
I see I never loved me well.

Finish me with these words
Walk on the million pieces of my broken heart
Cut off my lungs as my presence cuts you like a pungent smell
You are
The difference between love and hatred
Cut me down
Shame cupid
For I will be dead

My apologies are senseless
Tears wasteful and mean
Witnessing your bated breath
Slow to a stop
I will stay silent
There is no euphemism for goodbye

by J.y. Frimpong & Amma Konadu Anarfi

 Posted by: J.y. Frimpong & Amma Konadu Anarfi

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