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Dear Soul I Will Save You—A Must Read

Why did we allow ourselves to become so mediocre with the way we handle life?
We think we know it all, we think we've seen it all, we've done it all, and we get comfortable in our foolishness.

How can people like us, let our ego become our first personality trait?
The “I want it now” society got us fucked up.

I've been searching for answers in books, in church, in people,
and then I realized that the answer is my soul.
Tell me my friend, how to do you take care of your soul?
Or do you not care at all?

Today my auntie passed away, she died from a disease called life;
life has drained her soul and her body followed.
I cried and I cried and with the tears in my eyes
I decided to write this as a promise to my soul:

Dear soul,

I promise that from now on I will not expose you to the foolishness of this world.
I will feed you, I will nurture you, I will pray for you.
I promise that for your sake I will open up to the things that the world has to offer,
I am not talking about material things, but rather love, care, courage, and wisdom.
I promise that I will read more, exercise, eat healthy, and drink lots of water.
I will not allow myself to be entertained with low self esteem clowns displayed in the reality shows, I will challenge myself,

I will learn to accept and discover people that do not look or think like me,
I will be more tolerant towards myself and others.
I will not gossip but rather give constructive criticism only if my opinion is demanded or required.
Dear soul,

I will learn how to address people in better ways, and also when to shut the fuck up.
I will humble myself and say I am sorry when I am wrong, and sometimes when I am right.

Less TV more books, in fact I will build up a serious personal library from now on.
I promise that Paolo Coelho will become my best friend.
No more greasy food, more organic food (and I do not care if my next Louis Vuitton purse has to be sacrificed to account for it).

I will listen to Tracy Chapman and Bob Marley,
I will not smoke cigarette and I will stop alcohol for good.
Dear soul, I will clap and give thanks for all the things that I have,
and pray that in time I'll be blessed with more.
I will stop complaining,
bur rather find ways to elevate others.
Dear soul, it is my promise to you,
Dear soul I will save you.

In loving memory of Tantie Lolo, the world had no strength to handle you.


by Khadi Asiawally Diallo

 Posted by: Khadi Asiawally Diallo

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